Who we are &
How we plan to bring change.

We believe every complainant has a right to the same legal expertise as Organisations.

Our People

Priyanka Chirimar

Founder Director & Counsel
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Shruti Pandey

Board Member - Institutional Advisor
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Sarah Martin

Board Member - Gender Advisor
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Viren Mascarenhas

Board Member - Strategic Litigation Advisor
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Rose Marie Dennis

Senior Counsel
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Maddalena Ghezzi

Lead Research
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Anna Rose Tubat

Administrative Officer
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Shaza Loutfi

Legal Intern
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Sheila Paylan

Independent Legal Consultant
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Rosie Fowler

Former Associate
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Our Approach

Support the survivors

Complainants receive pro bono bespoke advice on their rights, options, and remedies anytime, anywhere. Anonymously, if needed. With complete confidentiality. Where AAPC isn't the best match, we help you find another attorney. More reporting helps map patterns of the problem and also herd immunity against retaliation.


Knowledge is power

AAPC collects and publishes policies, judgements, public statements, research, and news on harassment from the international development sector. All in one place. With greater access to information on rights, processes, and global trends, complainants and colleagues find more courage, perpetrators know the consequences, and public opinion turns supportive.


Sanctions are a deterrent

To ensure that the internal justice mechanism is fair, transparent, and accessible, AAPC supports complainants through all stages from reporting to seeking highest possible sanction and damages. Where the misconduct is also a crime, AAPC helps complainants find local criminal lawyers. Consistent and visible higher punishments will deter future offenders.

Misconduct is expensive

Increased reporting can help identify patterns and repeat offenders. It can also highlight gaps in resources, capacity, and policies. It makes organisations accountable for failing in their duty of care and face steep fines for their role in your ordeal. Misconduct costs real money - loss of talent, public trust; delay in deliverable mandates; administrative hours and fines.

More survivor-centered policies and approaches

Litigation holds organisations to their promises and policies on safeguarding. With each case, AAPC will collate and analyse data to identify specific shortcomings to further advocacy on survivor-centered responses, such as stopping adversarial litigation, not invoking privileges, practicing transparency in the process.

Cultural change within international organisations

Increased sanctions - higher damages - data driven advocacy - strategic litigation to limit use of immunities - alert States of bottom line cost of misconduct. These together make cultural change inevitable.

More respectful and supportive workplaces

AAPC fights for the right to safe and dignified workplaces within international organisations. Harassment-free workplaces are possible!

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