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We represent all personnel from IOs and regional bodies in internal administrative processes that lead to accountability for prohibited conduct. Our legal services are charged on a sliding scale. As a rule, we never turn anyone away due to financial incapacity. Unpaid interns are never charged.

Ending prohibited conduct requires everyone to get involved. Even if prohibited conduct does not affect you directly, you can still speak up as an active by-stander and be a third-party complainant. Please contact us for a case assessment, legal guidance, and representation during your organisational internal process.

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Our emergency legal advice can be accessed anonymously either through chat on the bottom right or by calling us on the number provided. You can talk to us to you when you need help the most.

This support and consultation is available free of charge or obligation to retain us. All information you provide us is completely confidential. We do not collect or store any of your data, including your IP address or location. We will only know what you voluntarily share with us.

Policy & Prevention

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All organisational policies on prevention and response to harassment, retaliation, and investigations identify a range of persons as responsible authorities and first responders. While managers, gender advisors, and staff representatives play a crucial role in early identification and intervention with the aim of de-escalation, they are not always properly equipped for these tasks. Instances of retraumatising survivors are all too common.

Having taken note of this pattern, we have decided to provide legal response training and policy review as services for organisations and staff associations and unions. Please approach us with your specific training goals and we will purpose-build a module for your intended audience.

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